Holika Holika Aloe 92% Shower Gel

Holika Holika Aloe 92% Shower Gel
Tootja: Holika Holika
Mudel: Holika Holika Aloe 92% Shower Gel
Saadavus: Laos
Hind: 9.90€
39.60€ / kg
Maksudeta: 8.25€
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  1. 92 % fermented aloe vera leaf juice is contained
    • Fermented contents maximize the effect of activating components like aloesin. So it helps your skin to be clear & healthy.
  2. Moist feeling without stickiness.
    • It helps your skin moist without dry after shower. plus it soothes the stimulated skin by hot sun light & makes your skin moist & sleek.
  3. 7 free system for skin health
    • No Paraben, No Benzophenone, No Propylene Glycol , No BHT, No Animal ingrediet, No artificial coloring, No mineral oil.

size: 250ml

How to Use: Apply proper amount to towel or sponge for shower & make bubbles. Rub it on your body all over like doing massage and then rinse off your body.

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